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Wet Cleaners USA


Wet Cleaners USA organization website development.



It is one of the first and largest wet cleaners organizations in the US, and computer controlled wet cleaning is a non-toxic, environmentally safe alternative to dry cleaning. However wet cleaning is much less recognizable than dry cleaning, which uses toxic chemicals, to many customers.


The website is targeted to customer group and dry cleaner group who are interested in new eco-friendly technology to promote wet cleaning.


For the customer group non toxic natural images are displayed in the front, and can lead potential customers to find the certified wet cleaners USA stores near their location with store locator map.


For the dry cleaners group description of the wet cleaners USA certification program is displayed for dry cleaners to join the organization and learn wet cleaning technology. Also online wet cleaner’s community link is placed for the members to share tips and experiences.



Website design, UI/UX design, Responsive Design, HTML/CSS development, MySQL database